Electronic Funds Transfer | St Patricks Credit Union | People Helping People

Access to your money is easy

With EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) we can transfer money directly to your bank account - no more waiting for cheques to clear.  The money will be in your account within two working days.

As well as being faster, EFT provides a more secure way of sending money.

Members will still have the option to get a cheque, however it can take up to five working days for a cheque to clear. 

What we need from you

All you need to do to avail of EFT is complete the Authority & Indemnity form below. Please read the instructions carefully and make sure your details are correct before submitting it to us. Please send original forms only, photocopies or faxes will not be accepted for security reasons. 

Withdrawing shares

You will then be registered for EFT so to request a share withdrawal contact us by email (we can only accept instruction from the email address (es) you submit on the form) or fax the request and we will complete the EFT transaction. NB for security reasons we cannot accept instructions by phone.

Loan Drawdown

Once your loan is approved and the credit agreement and all relevant documents are signed and returned to us you can choose payment by cheque or EFT.

Download Authority & Indemnity Form

AML Documentation

In order to comply with legislation we require proof of ID and current address from all members who wish to apply for a loan or withdraw shares click here for more information.